How to sustainably support the Black community


How to sustainably support the Black community

[illustration of women and girls marching with raised fists and flags]

Allies tend to show a surge of support for the Black community, but then get burn out with the constant flow of information. So how can we prevent this and continue to show support?

Integrate Black owned business into your every day life

Find Black owned businesses whose products you love and become a regular customer. Vote with your dollar and directly support the community!

Set up recurring donations

Organizations like Black Lives Matter will get a surge of support in times of crisis, but they need funding year-round. Instead of donating a large at one time, set up a recurring, smaller donation to ensure consistent funding.

Continuously educate yourself on anti-racism

Unlearning bias takes time and effort. Read books and watch documents on the subject at least once a month. Try to purchase these resources from Black-owned book stores!

Have conversations on anti-racism with family and friends

The best way to prevent racism to address the issue head on. Hold yourself and those around you accountable for their biases. It will be a difficult conversation, but remember: allies have the privilege of being temporarily uncomfortable.

Please note: It's a privilege to turn off the TV and social media and not think about this issue. It's tiring to discuss racism, but even more tiring to experience it. So take the steps to continuously show support for our Black community. This isn't a moment, it's a movement!