Cognitive Distortion to Rational Thought


[text is grouped into two columns, a cognitive distortion and then the same thought reframed to be more rational. in this transcript, the first quote for each list item is the distortion and the second is the rational example.]

  • "I must get everything done on my list to feel accomplished" → “I have accomplished so much today. It is okay to leave some tasks for tomorrow.”
  • “I fear others won't like me if I don't do as they ask” → “People have many reasons to dislike - I cannot control that. I must protect my time and energy”
  • “I'm going to screw this up” → “I'm assuming the worst before even trying. What if I succeed?”
  • “If I make a mistake, I will lose my worth and value” → “Making a mistake does not make me worthless. I am human”
  • “I'd rather not share my opinion. People will laugh at or criticize me” → “I'm jumping to conclusions. My opinion is just as important as everyone else in this room”
  • “How did I not notice that error? I am an idiot” → “Yes, I made an error, but I am careful most of the time. This does not make me an idiot”