Why transcribe?

Transcribing visual content makes it more accessible and approachable!


Images, particularly images of text, can present accessibility barriers for many individuals. Transcribing this content into actual text enables screen reader and text-to-speech users to access the content, individuals to highlight & customize the styling of text for greater legibility, and people with low bandwidths to access the content when the images don’t load.


Most web browsers these days are pretty good at auto-translating text into your preferred language, but they get totally lost trying to translate images. Transcribing content makes it easy to translate it, opening up your content to a more global audience.

Image quality

Have you ever encountered an image of text where the text seemed impossible to read? Maybe the contrast was too poor, the image too small, the kerning too close together, or the resolution so low that important pieces were indecipherable no matter how much you zoomed in? Much like closed captioning can help clarify the audio of a muffled television show, transcripts can help clarify the visual content on your screen.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out our transcription tips and start transcribing!